Softgroup .Net Advanced Panel

Softgroup .Net Advanced Panel

Softgroup .Net Advanced Panel

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Developer’s Description

Softgroup .Net Advanced Panel control is an enhanced Panel control that implements unsupported behaviours and features of standard control. It features gradients background effects with different starting and ending colors, gradient direction (horizontal, vertical, forward diagonal or backward diagonal), enable and disable background gradient effect, enable to show and hide borders with custom colour, any single corner can be customized with specified radius and aspect, customizable image size and opacity, and customizable padding of Content area

Sofgroup .Net Forms Resize is a professional .Net component that gives your applications forms resolution independence. Softgroup .Net Forms Resize automatically resizes all controls and fonts contained in a .Net Windows Form as they are sized without need of write code. With Softgroup .Net Forms Resize you can: keep your controls font or size proportion whenever your forms are resized, easily implement to already designed forms, support controls nested inside others, center form over the Desktop or MDI Parent, save or restore your form’s last size and positions, resizes fonts as well as the controls themselves, ability to specify whether the fonts of the controls will be resized or not, control resize of docked controls like ToolStrip and StatusStrip, support of standard .Net Forms and MDI child, small, and accurate resize engine.


Microsoft .Net Framework 2, 3, or 4


30-day trial

Softgroup .Net Advanced Button is a fast, small, lightweight and easy to use .NET control that gives your applications enhanced and high quality graphical button. In fact with Softgroup .Net Advanced Button you can create applications with gradient and/or light effects buttons that have similar effects of Microsoft Windows Vista look and style.


Softgroup .Net Progress Bar Control is an advanced sets of highly customizable progress bar controls to enhance the user interface of your applications. Softgroup .Net Progress Bar contains three controls: OCo PrograssBar: a classic continuous progress bar control with customizable colours, gradient effects and direction OCo PrograssBlock: a block progress bar with customizable colours, gradient and grass effect OCo ProgressLoop: a loading loop progress control that can emulate IE, FireFox, MacOSX or custom progress loop FEATURES: TE Gradients effects with different starting and ending colors TE Gradient direction (horizontal, vertical, forward diagonal or backward diagonal TE Enable/Disable gradient effect TE FillColor bar property TE Show/Hide progress text percentage TE TextAlign property

Softgroup .Net TrackBar control is a fast, small, lightweight and enhanced version of standard TrackBar Control that implements unsupported behaviours and features of standard control.To use Softgroup .Net TrackBar control simply add .Net TrackBar control to the Toolbox window of Microsoft Visual Studio and drag it to your form.Control Features:dlTE Coloured gradient supportdlTE Gradient angle supportdlTE Transparent background colour supportdlTE Enable/Disable transparent support throw one single property (TransparentEnabled)dlTE Keyboard support of Left, Right, Up, Down, Home, Page Up/Down, End keysdlTE Full control over tick appearancedlTE Enable/Disable automatic display of tooltip on moving TrackBar thumbNet Explorer Pro is the software that help you to find the really working groups/computers in your Local Area Network (LAN). After scanning your network you will be able to fast access to ALL opened folders (including hidden by $ folders) on ALL computers in LAN. And you don’t need to wait…VisualStyler.Net is the premium skinning component for Windows Forms .Net developers, the product is supplied with an advanced skin editor and 31 professional skins including Office 2007, Office 2010, Windows 7, Windows Aero, Windows Metro, Windows XP and Mac-OSX and you can also use any Microsoft Visual Style to skin your applications. With currently over 2000 visual styles to choose from, your applications can really stand out from crowd.

Design-time Integration
VisualStyler comes supplied with a Visual Studio add-in which completely extends the Visual Studio design-time IDE providing developers with a rich WYSIWYG design-time skinning experience. The component uses the latest smart-tag designers, making the component very easy to setup and configure.The smart-tag designer enables you to quickly setup the component and access all of the design-time features.

The style browser dialog enables you to browse, preview, and select any visual style from the style gallery.

The style import wizard enables you to import new visual styles from any msstyles file or zip archive.

Advanced Skinning Technology
VisualStyler uses an advanced skin engine, your application GUI is rendered fast, accurate and smoothly with no visible paint artifacts or flickering, and because our skin engine is designed entirely in C# it fully supports windows forms control transparency, font, color and image customizations. Microsoft Visual Styles are rendered extremely accurate, please click on an image below to see a full preview.

Dynamic form shadows
VisualStyler supports dynamic alpha-blended drop shadow effects on all forms and dialogs, a feature unique to our product and available on all platforms. Your application forms will literally spring to life popping right out of the screen.

How to Register Software With a Registration Code?

-Double-click the desktop shortcut to launch the .exe file.
-Enter your name and the .exe Registration Code precisely as they appear on your registration acknowledgement email when the registration reminder window appears.
-Press Register. Enter all additional details exactly as they are listed on your registration confirmation email, including your .exe serial number.

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