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he employment application can be E-Mailed to the hiring department with just a press of the button. The hiring department only needs the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed, which is free, and runs on the Macintosh and Windows systems. The Application Scanner keeps track of when the employment applications are sent, scanned, and much more, all to help your hiring process. This is a multi user system, allowing many users to access and maintain the data. The system currently interfaces with PeopleSoft HRMS, but it can interface with any other system just as easily.

Free scanning software for Windows

Free Scanner Software is an easy-to-use scanning software for Windows devices. Developed by Media Freeware, the software functions by receiving and saving images as well as documents. It has a simple design and works efficiently. Users can use this standalone scanner app to save and encrypt files in different formats without compromising on quality. The software can also use network scanners without any trouble. The app remains light on system resources and is ideal for anyone looking for a free scanner software for Windows 7 and above.

The universal PC scanner software has many utilities

If you scan text documents or images regularly and are looking for a scanning software for your PC, you might want to check out this scanner driver download. It is a universal scanner software, which means that it works well with a wide range of scanners, including very old ones. The software is also suitable for hardware that came bundled with a software package that no longer works.

The interface is simple and user-friendly

The scanner program has been designed to offer a simple dashboard with multiple functionalities. It has a clean and user-friendly interface, which makes it ideal for anyone, including children who want an image scanner for school projects and assignments. The layout of the scanning software consists of a menu toolbar, a sidebar, and a viewing window. While the sidebar displays documents as thumbnails, the menu toolbar consists of functions like scan, save, rotate, and more.

Its menu bar has many tools

The scanner software download for Windows 7 and above comes with a variety of tools that make scanning an easy and convenient process. Users can use the app’s primary menu toolbar to scan a document or image, save it in a PDF, TIFF, PNG, or JPG format, and rotate or move the scanned file as per requirement. Users can also jump to previously scanned pages using the sidebar, which holds thumbnails of all files.

Apart from this, the scanner software free download can efficiently work with network scanners and printers. You can even use this scanning tool to encrypt files so that no one can edit them. This functionality is especially important when you’re scanning confidential documents.

Could do with an upgrade

The software doesn’t support crop functionality, which is a drawback and requires an upgrade. The scanning driver also limits the size of the page it can scan, and only functions with limited sizes. It doesn’t include optical character recognition (OCR) technology, which allows users to edit scanned documents. Nonetheless, it does let users scan, save, and email documents directly from the dashboard.

Apart from this, the app doesn’t come with any tutorial. While the lack of support won’t bother many users, people who are new to computers may find the dashboard challenging to maneuver. The developer’s website also lacks a dedicated FAQ section, which could have been helpful for users looking for specific answers.

How do I download a scanner program?

Downloading a scanner program is as simple as downloading any application on your computer. After clicking on download, save the scannersoftware_setup.exe file and run the installation process. Once installed, you need to connect your scanner to your PC, open the scanner program, and click on scan. Users can also check out TWAIN Direct and WIA (Windows Image Acquisition) to communicate with scanners, irrespective of the operating system they use.

How do I scan a document without a scanner?

Free Scanner Software only works in conjunction with a piece of hardware. Therefore, if you don’t have a scanner, you can use your phone to scan documents. At present, there are many mobile apps like CamScanner, Tiny Scanner, and Clear Scanner, that you can download on your smartphone and get scanning. While the quality of the scanned documents may not be as good as a professional quality scanner, they would still be acceptable.

Are scanner apps safe?

Many questions have been raised regarding the safety of scanner apps. While many apps have come under the radar, Free Scanner Software remains unscathed. This scanning software has been around for a few years now and is safe to use. The developers can’t view or edit any of your scanned documents. You can even use encryption to add another layer of security to your important data.

Does Windows 10 have scanning software?

Windows 10 comes with a pre-installed scanner software, available under the Accessories tab. The comprehensive software is called ‘Windows Fax and Scan’ and does what its name suggests. It has simple functionalities that allow users to connect devices like scanners and fax machines to their computers and get started with work. However, there’s one drawback. The scanning software available on Windows 10 doesn’t work well with old scanners. In case you have trouble with it, you can download the Free Scanner Software for Windows 10 and get scanning.

What is the best free scanning software?

There are many scanning software available online. Therefore, selecting the best free scanning software depends on personal preference. If you’re looking for a tool that helps in basic scanning, you may want to go with this Free Scanner Software. However, if you’re looking for something more advanced, you might want to check out tools like ABBY FineReader, Adobe Acrobat DC, OmniPage Standard, and more. You may also want to consider other free alternatives like Scanner, PaperScan Free Edition, WinScan2PDF, and more.

Should I download Free Scanner Software for PC?

In case you’ve been struggling with your scanner software or are facing trouble finding a driver, you may want to download Free Scanner Software for Windows. The program comes packed with necessary features and saves files in different formats. While the version doesn’t support crop functionality, it does let users rotate and move the scanned pages. The scan to software download is free to use and comes with all the necessary features available in any professional scanner software.

Author’s review


  • Free to download and use

  • Comes with basic functionalities

  • Works with almost all scanners

  • Supports multiple file formats

  • Can utilize network scanners


  • Doesn’t come with a tutorial

  • Only supports limited paper sizes

  • Lacks tutorial or community support

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-Press Register. Enter all additional details exactly as they are listed on your registration confirmation email, including your .exe serial number.

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