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By Sobolsoft

This software offers a solution to users who want to convert a unit of measurement. The user selects the type of measurement: length, temperature, speed, volume, weight or area. The unit to be converted and the target unit are picked from drop down menus before entering the value of the number to be converted and starting the conversionEveryone in our Applied Measurements office has this engineering unit conversion calculator on their computer.  It proves invaluable time and again when an exact conversion from one set of engineering units to another is required quickly.  In addition to pressure, torque, force and distance, there are a wealth of other things that it can convert including temperature and computer bits & bytes!

Convert consists of a single 548KB file named convert.exe which is contained within the 154KB file named ‘convert.zip’ that you have downloaded to your preferred folder.

Locate the file ‘convert.zip’ and double-click it, you should then be able to see the file ‘convert.exe’.  The program can be opened by double-clicking it on most modern PCs running on Windows XP or Vista, however, for easy future use you can right-click the ‘convert.exe’ program and select ‘Copy’, before navigating to another folder on your PC such as ‘My Documents’, right-clicking again and selecting ‘Paste’ to place the file there – you should see convert icon appear if successful.

There’s an endless supply of Web-based tools that can convert just about any measurement from one unit to another. If you need to convert really obscure units, though, or need a conversion tool on a regular basis, try Unit Conversion Professional from Inventive Design. It’s a free Flash-based tool that converts more than 800 pairs of units in 32 categories. It also includes a calculator and a library of scientific formulas.

Unit Conversion Professional’s dialog-style interface opens with its menu page, which offers two scrolling lists, View Formulas and Convert Units. The conversion units are categorized from Acceleration to Volume. Clicking on a category called up applicable conversion tools; clicking Menu took us back to the menu page. We could also select Browse A-Z, which brought up a list ranging from Abampere-Current to Zip 250-Data Storage; an impressive range. Conversions are ultrasimple: just enter the values and units and the tool does the rest. In this way we learned that 13 acres equals 5.33 darcy (approximately). The View Formulas list worked in similar fashion; for instance, clicking Mechanics called up a list of variables and equations for velocity, acceleration, angle, and more. We could print any view or expand or contract the view from the interface by clicking plus and minus icons. The Calculator tool has an interesting angled 3D perspective and a realistic rendition. It’s a basic calculator, not a scientific tool. This program has no Help file other than an About file for Adobe Flash Player, but it needs none.

Here is a List of Best Free Unit Converter Software for Windows. These freeware help you with unit conversion of various unit types or measurement categories. Unit conversion is necessary because it helps with carrying out formula based calculations. At times, the values provided for certain measurements are not in standard form, thus you need to convert them before calculations can be carried out.

These unit converter software let you convert units for a variety of measurement quantities. Some of these tools let you convert unit for standard measurement categories, like: Area, length, time, velocity, distance, temperature, mass, volume, angle, density, etc. Some include standard unit types along with not so common unit types, such as: Concentration, flow, energy, force, light, conductance, charge, radioactivity, charge, data transfer, etc.

In most of these unit conversion calculators, all you have to do is select a measurement category, then choose From and To units, and enter the value of the unit which you want to convert. Almost all of these unit converter tools operate the same way. Some of these work a bit different, but don’t worry, as I have included how to convert unit using these unit converter software. All of these unit conversion freeware are absolutely free to use, so go ahead, take a look at the list and choose what is best for you.

Unit conversion is a calculator which helps in converting units like milliliters into liters or meters to kilometers and similar conversion. We have researched 6+ Unit Conversion software and provide the main features of the software below. The software converter is available as a free online tool or freeware for download and used on your computer. It can be used by students and teachers. It will support various physical quantities.

How to Register Software With a Registration Code?

-Double-click the desktop shortcut to launch the .exe file.
-Enter your name and the .exe Registration Code precisely as they appear on your registration acknowledgement email when the registration reminder window appears.
-Press Register. Enter all additional details exactly as they are listed on your registration confirmation email, including your .exe serial number.

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