• Those who use IBM’s popular Tivoli Storage Manager, which is currently known as the Spectrum Project, could need a tool for administering their storage environment. SP Studio is an application that was developed in order to offer users the means to manage and evaluate their TSM environment. It will allow administrators to connect to multiple TSM servers and access all the important data that controls the database scheduling scheme.

    The application offers users an apparently simple interface, but which becomes increasingly complex once they start initiating its several features. One will be able to easily add TSM servers, SP Studio servers and ACSLS managers to the connection list and view the corresponding internal database schedule for each.

    People can add their server names, custom descriptions and specific logon details, commanding routes and even predefined user options. Once the connections with the preferred servers has been established, people are able to define schedules for administrative events, create scheduling diagrams and establish associations.

    Users will have access to a plethora of tools and features that are aimed at helping them attain the preferred TSM environment management. All of the provided features are offered both as quick-access buttons as well as in the dedicated menus which carry an impressive number of features for administrator management.

    Upon connecting new TSM servers, the application automatically creates the internal server structure, with modules for automation, charging, client nodes, database or configuration. This is especially useful for inexperienced users, who will have all the server structure presented in a template which they can populate with the required schedules, tasks or commands.

    Considering its powerful feature pack and exhaustive collection of tools for administrators that handle TSM server environments, this utility could be a solid choice for those in need of such features. It will allow them to connect as many TSM servers as possible, define their internal structure with ease, add custom tasks, schedules or commands and configure the server structure to meet their requirements.