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By Hard – Soft
A nice, easy and cheap Timer for everyone. Adjustable options: segment color, min. and max. (alarm), count up, count down, sound on-off, stay on top.
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A free, full-featured, and lightweight timer for Windows

The Free Timer program allows you to create countdown timers that display the remaining time as a colored section of a clock face.

You can set the time in seconds, minutes, and hours. The colored section of the clock face will display the time corresponding to the interval you set:

  • If the interval is one minute or less, the timer counts in seconds
    (a full circle is 60 seconds).
  • If the interval is one hour or less, the timer counts in minutes
    (a full circle is 60 minutes).
  • If the interval is 12 hours or less, the timer counts in hours
    (a full circle is 12 hours).
  • If the interval is more than 12 hours, the specified color will completely cover the dial. As for the countdown, the colored section will steadily decrease in size according to the remaining time.


No matter what interval you specify, the countdown timer will move the second hand, which will move counterclockwise.

Simultaneous start of several timers

If you need to run several timers simultaneously, you can run the program as many times as you need. You can also change the colors of the timers to distinguish timers from each other.

Quick start

Set the interval and click the Start button. When Free Timer finishes the countdown, your chosen music will start playing, and the timer will stop.

You can choose which music or sound will play and how many times it will repeat. You can change the color of the countdown section, and you can also change the background color from white to black (negative).

Full-screen mode

Free Timer has a special button for full-screen mode. Click the arrow button on the toolbar or press the F11 key, and the timer will expand to the size of the monitor or projector. Use full-screen mode so everyone in the classroom or auditorium can see the time remaining during exams, reports, or tests. Press the F11 button or click on the screen to exit full-screen mode.

Advance notification

You can turn on the metronome (which ticks every second) so that it comes on a few seconds before the end of the countdown. For example, set the metronome to start one minute before the end of the exam to attract students’ attention.

Running from a portable USB flash drive

You can put Free Timer on a flash drive and run it directly from that flash drive. All your settings will be stored in the file Data.ini.

Just extract the files from the archive to any folder where you want to store them and run FreeTimer.exe to launch the program.

Free Timer can play your music files

You can select the sound you want for a timer. Free Timer comes with several sounds and offers full access to your music library.

Publisher Description


Timer Pro Professional offers industrial time study. Any number of time study templates can be used in the application to cover all your operations. Add header data to identify the study, additional data and notes by observation to capture full details of the study. You can performance rate every observation and easily handle interruptions and fumbles. Missing some elements then add and edit elements in real time on the device. At any time you can instantly access summary statistics and see required observations, operator performance an the final standard for review while at the work station. Download templates from Excel and send collected data back to Excel for final summarization in the full Timer Pro Professional package for use in line balancing, data libraries and work instructions.

About Timer Pro Professional

Timer Pro Professional is a free app for iOS published in the Office Suites & Tools list of apps, part of Business.

The company that develops Timer Pro Professional is Applied Computer Services, Inc.. The latest version released by its developer is 12.01.


Compatible with your device

This simple timer will not let you forget important things.
This simple Timer will not let you forget important things.

- 4 nice preset ringtones.
- Ringtones are loud and you will always hear them.
- The notification is closed by clicking on the button in it.

Timer PRO Review

555 Timer PRO provides an array of design wizards, circuit blocks and information panels that facilitate the use of the 555 timer. Component value calculations for the 555 take into account the supply voltage and timer fabrication (CMOS or Bipolar).
Features include 555 timer synopsis, 22 timer design wizards, counter wizards, output circuitry examples, voltage reference design, "best pair" resistor substitution, and logic families reference.


555 Timer PRO is a product developed by Schematica Software. This site is not directly affiliated with Schematica Software. All trademarks, registered trademarks, product names and company names or logos mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners.

Timer Pro (Count Up – Count Down) is a great timer application tool with a simple and easy to use interface. This program has easily adjustable options such as segment color, minimum and maximum time for alarms, count up and count down, sound on or off, stay on top and other such features.

Time Pro (Count Up – Count Down) also has a Settings and Online Help panel for errors. This is software for people who want to have an easy and inexpensive timer with a lot of flexible and useful options.


Simple Timer Pro is a desktop application that gives you the possibility co configure a simple countdown timer in hours and minutes. It changes the clock color and beeps when time’s up to grab your attention.

Simple countdown timer for basic tasks

The tool was made to help you with your typical, timed activities, whether you want to study and need to take a break, schedule the break time, cook, work on an important project, work out, or anything else. It was specially designed for desktops, laptops, notebooks and tablets running Windows 10, 8.1 and 10, and it can be downloaded from the Windows Store to blend it with your Start Screen or Menu.

Set the countdown in minutes and seconds

Simple Timer Pro displays a large, bright yellow background at startup, where you can click two menus to specify the number of minutes and seconds (ranging from 0 to 60) to start counting down from. The timer begins as soon as you click the button, and you can view remaining time on the screen.

Beeps and changes color when time’s up

As soon as time’s up, the application makes a repetitive beeping sound and turns the initially white clock into blue. Unfortunately, it doesn’t integrate buttons for pausing or stopping the timer. It gets reset when pressing the start button again.

There are no other features implemented by the developer, which makes Simple Timer Pro pretty poor in terms of features. Thanks to the built-in Windows features, which are applicable to all Metro apps, you can take a screenshot of the clock and share it with your friends using Twitter, OneNote or another program you have installed.


All things considered, Simple Timer Pro doesn’t provide you with comprehensive options and configuration properties, but it offers a simple and practical solution for quickly setting up a countdown timer for daily tasks.

How to Register Software With a Registration Code?

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-Enter your name and the .exe Registration Code precisely as they appear on your registration acknowledgement email when the registration reminder window appears.
-Press Register. Enter all additional details exactly as they are listed on your registration confirmation email, including your .exe serial number.

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