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Developer’s Description

You can define the number of people that can occupy a room, and then search the database for open dates where the room will hold the number of people you need. Access to each resource can be restricted so selected individuals can view the resource. The Resource Scheduler can also be setup so a user can view the resource but not schedule the resource. The Resource Scheduler is extremely flexible and can be used to schedule any item that you can think of. You can setup each resource in a group. You can create as many groups as you want.
Scheduling is the most basic need of any business. Whether you are a dentist, doctor, contractor or any other business professional you might need to book appointments, book various resources, equipment with your clients or partners on a daily basis. A resource scheduling software is a program that can help you in scheduling your daily meetings and resources while also offering you time to time reminders about your bookings and requirements. There is countless number of resource management software available a few of which are as follows. ORS (On-line Resource Scheduler) is a full featured web interface for scheduling resources (aircraft, boats, rooms, time-shares) by members of an organization. It provides a graphical interface, e-mail notification of changes and account administration.

This amazing Work Schedule software allows you to track and schedule resources whether your company handles conference rooms, technicians, doctors etc. Any resource and the users of those resources, can be scheduled with just the click of the mouse.

Our Universal Resource Scheduler makes managing these precious resources problem free when scheduling time. Our unique program makes the days of double scheduling or missing time reservations a thing of the past.

The Universal Resource Scheduler is three dimensional. Drop – down menus simplify the process of assigning technicians, conference rooms, doctors whatever the resource that must be managed. You can schedule resources within 15 minute increments.

Easily viewed reports can show a variety of information. For example:

  • the use of resources by dates
  • the use of resources by user and date
  • the use of resources between two dates
  • the use of a specific resource between two dates
  • the use of resource by a user between two dates

Reports and/or schedules can also be posted to your web page making it effortless for clients or technicians to view the schedule as well. People respond well to illustrations of time allotments. Our Scheduler makes visual representation of time uncomplicated and easy to read.

Resource Scheduler for Outlook
Microsoft Outlook has long been considered a satisfactory program designed for e-mail and
people scheduling yet providing only simple resource scheduling. These limitations often
leave Outlook users in search of an easier way to schedule their rooms, resources, and
services, and administrators seeking more efficient ways to manage their facilities and
implement measures for greater security.
Resource Scheduler for Outlook is a powerful, integrated room and resource scheduling tool
that further enhances the Outlook environment by enabling users to leverage the capabilities
of Resource Scheduler all from within their familiar calendaring system. From conference
rooms and video conferencing facilities to shared workspace, catering, and other services,
Resource Scheduler is the most comprehensive, fully-integrated workspace management
software for Outlook that helps organizations attain new levels of effectiveness, efficiency,
and cost avoidance.
Benefits of Resource Scheduler for Outlook
Along with all the standard features and benefits found in the flagship product Resource
Scheduler, the integration with Outlook goes far beyond efficient room scheduling with
numerous attributes to improve the way you book space, resources, and services as well as
providing you with information to help you better utilize your workspace. Resource
Scheduler for Outlook also supports Microsoft’s Outlook architecture, making it easier than
ever for administrators to deploy and administer Resource Scheduler in the Outlook
Resource Scheduler for Outlook allows users to book rooms and resources and invite
other attendees quickly and efficiently through a simple and intuitive scheduling interface
within the Outlook environment.
We are very pleased with how seamlessly Resource Scheduler interfaces with Outlook. It’s easy for our employees to schedule meetings and catering directly from their PCs. Since Resource Scheduler is web enabled employees can schedule meetings in realtime from anywhere, anytime.

Compare project estimates vs actuals

Set a budget to forecast your resource capacity and strategically plan project work. Monitor progress in real time and compare your estimated hours with the actual time taken. Team members can log or adjust their hours in a click, with pre-filled timesheets.

Connect with existing workflows

  • Project management

    Sync your favorite project management tools to start scheduling tasks to resources.

  • Calendar sync

    Keep your resource schedule up to date with calendar integrations.

  • Slack updates

    Send your team their work schedule and time tracking reminders directly in Slack.

Schedule anything in Dynamics 365 using Universal Resource Scheduling. You can enable scheduling for any entity in Dynamics 365 Sales, Field Service, Customer Service, and Project Service Automation, including custom entities.

For organizations that use:

  • Dynamics 365 Field Service, you can use scheduling tools to assign work orders to the closest field technicians in the area. More information: Dynamics 365 Field Service Help
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Service, you can use scheduling tools to book cases to customer service reps in the right department and time zone.
  • Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation, you can use scheduling tools to staff projects with consultants who have availability and the appropriate skill set. More information: Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation Help


Before you can use Universal Resource Scheduling, make sure you have:

  • Dynamics 365 Field Service, Project Service, or Customer Service.
  • A license for Resource Scheduling. More information: Onboard your organization and users to Dynamics 365 (online)
  • User credentials with the Universal Resource Scheduling security role, in order to manage the solution once it has been deployed.

Enable scheduling for an entity

When scheduling is enabled for an entity, the system creates a resource requirement record for the entity. This way, when you create a resource requirement, the system automatically checks which entity the resource requirement is for.

  1. From the main menu, go to Resource Scheduling > Administration.
  2. Select Enable Resource Scheduling for Entities.
  3. On the Setup Wizard – Enable Scheduling, select Add Entity, and select the entity that you want to enable scheduling for.
  4. Select Booking Relationship and select Create New Relationship.
  5. Select Requirement Relationship and select Create New Relationship.


    If you already have relationships created then you can select form an existing relationship.

  6. Click Publish Customization.
  1. On the BOOKING SETUP METADATA: INFORMATION form, use the tooltips to edit the default opens.


    To update the Booking Status Field Logical Name, you will first need to customize the system to add additional statuses. More information: Customize your Dynamics 365 system – define status reasons

    In attribute settings sections field, can be mapped from entity that was enabled for scheduling to fields on booking requirement. For example, from Date, to Date, Territory, Duration and others.

  2. When you’re done, select Save on the lower right corner.

Edit or turn off scheduling for an entity

  1. From the main menu, go to Resource Scheduling > Administration > Enable Schedulable for Entities.
  2. From the list of Enable Entities, double-click on the entity that you want to edit.
  3. When the BOOKING SETUP METADATA: INFORMATION form opens, do one of the following:
    • To turn off scheduling for the entity, on the command bar, select DEACTIVATE. On the Confirm Deactivation dialog box, select Deactivate.
    • Or, you can edit the form and when you’re done, select Save on the lower right corner.

Schedule something

Step 1: Create a resource requirement

  1. From the main menu, click SalesService, or Marketing.
  2. Choose an entity that has scheduling turned on. For example, let’s say it’s turned on for the Leads entity. In this case, from the main menu you would choose Marketing > Leads.
  3. From the list of leads choose an existing lead.
  4. When the form opens, go to the subgrid menu, and select Resource Requirement.
  5. Under the Resource Requirement Associated View, select New.
  6. On the Resource Requirement form, use the tooltips to fill in the required information.
  7. When you’re done, select Save.A plugin runs and checks the relationships and automatically sets the booking set-up metadata relationship appropriately.

    Step 2: Schedule the booking requirement

    To learn more about the schedule board, Configure the schedule board.

    There a few different ways to schedule a booking requirement:

  • Option 1: Right-click on an unscheduled booking and find available resources.
    1. From the main menu, go to Resource Scheduling > Schedule Board.
    2. From the Booking Requirement list, right-click on an unscheduled booking and choose one of the following:Choose Find availability – Current Resources to find available resource from the list of resources on the schedule board.


      Choose Find availability -Current Resources, to find available resource from resources in the system.


      When you do this, the filters will show the options for the selected booking requirement. If you can’t find a available resource for the book, try adjusting the filters.

    3. When you see the available slot right-click on the time slot on the schedule board and choose Book Here. Or, drag and drop the booking requirement to the available time slot.
  • Option 2: Drag an unscheduled booking requirement from list view to the schedule board.
    1. From the main menu, go to Resource Scheduling > Schedule Board.
    2. Select an unscheduled booking requirement from the list at the bottom.
    3. Drag the item to an available resource/time slot on the schedule board.
  • Option 3: Schedule a booking requirement from the entity form.
    1. From the main menu, go to SalesService, or Marketing.
    2. Choose and entity that as scheduling turned on.For example, let’s say it’s turned on for the Leads entity. In this case, from the main menu you would choose Marketing > Leads.
    3. From the list of leads, choose the lead that you want to schedule a booking for.
    4. When the lead form opens, on the command bar, select Book.
    5. Use the schedule assistant to book the requirement.
Some of the benefits of Resource Scheduler for Outlook include:
On-Demand Availability: Let People Cube host Resource Scheduler for Outlook
for you and enjoy automatic updates, reduced reliance on IT, predictable costs,
and accelerated user adoption.
Granular Reporting: Understand how facilities are being used to make educated
decisions on whether to expand or retract existing real estate footprint.
Narrow Search Results: Search for and select resources that meet specific
criteria by capacity, location, or skill set – even reservations made by a specific
Effective Resource Management: Robust tracking, including service requests,
costing, and resource availability data, allow for efficient resource management.
Integrated Catering and Support Services: Order catering and support services
while booking a conference room; notifications of any changes or cancelations are
sent directly to the service providers.
Enhanced Security and Permissions: Control who has access to rooms and
resources to restrict unauthorized use.
Streamlined Workflow: View availability and book resources with minimal clicks.
No Double-Bookings: Rooms and resources are recorded as reserved as soon as
they are selected during booking to avoid any overlap with other users.
Enhanced Screen Layout: Intuitive to use and easy to read for faster and more
efficient scheduling and management.
E-mail Preview Pane Shows Meeting Information: View meeting details in the
e-mail preview pane rather than having to open the e-mail entirely.
Endless Scheduling Options All Within Outlook
Resource Scheduler for Outlook makes it easier than ever to schedule and manage all of
your shared organizational resources, assets, and services. In fact, conference rooms are
no longer the only easily scheduled resource. Alternative workspaces can be reserved
quickly and efficiently on-site as well as remotely, conveniently accommodating the mobile
worker. Audio visual and video conferencing equipment can also be booked through Outlook
to help maximize the utilization of these high-end resources. What’s more, services, such as
catering, can be easily scheduled and monitored, making event management easier than
ever. With Resource Scheduler for Outlook, resource scheduling and management can be
performed with greater ease and efficiency than you ever thought possible, all within your
familiar Outlook environment.

How to Register Software With a Registration Code?

-Double-click the desktop shortcut to launch the .exe file.
-Enter your name and the .exe Registration Code precisely as they appear on your registration acknowledgement email when the registration reminder window appears.
-Press Register. Enter all additional details exactly as they are listed on your registration confirmation email, including your .exe serial number.

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