• Random Color Flasher Software is a simple to use program, designed to display a sequence of selected colors on your screen. The tool can randomize the colors sequence, thus displaying the screens in an unpredictable order. It can thus serve as a party strobe or a pixel test, in order to detect faulty pixels.

    Random Color Flasher Software is a simple application designed to enliven your desktop by displaying a sequence of colors that you select in advance. You may create an extensive color collection, by adding custom nuances. The software allows you to select the colors from the basic Windows palette or by selecting custom nuances from the spectrum.

    Once selected, a color is added to the list as a set of RGB values. RGB is a simple method of defining a color, by specifying the amounts or red, green and blue it contains, each on a scale of 0 to 255. Thus, all values zero define white, while all the colors 255 define black.

    A dedicated field within the application defines the time frame between the display of two colors. The delay is expressed in milliseconds, which means you may create a highly dynamic color sequence on your desktop. Moreover, you may enable one of two display modes: render an endless sequence in random order or cycle through the colors in the list, in a loop.

    The colors are displayed in full screen, without further user intervention, except for stopping the rendering. You may return to your desktop by pressing the Esc key.

    Random Color Flasher Software can serve as a reliable strobe lights generator for a party, as well as a suitable test for dead pixels. If your LCD screen features dead pixels, you can easily test this fact by displaying a series of uniform colors on the screen. The faulty pixel is bound to stand out, so you may easily identify it.