• Doxplore Classic is a resourceful piece of software that you can use to better manage your documents in a secure environment. You can organize files into different folders in order to perform thorough file searches whenever you need to retrieve important information on the go.

    The setup procedure takes minimal time and effort. However, a system reboot may be necessary to finalize the installation.

    At startup, you are required to select the local drive where the Doxplore repository files will be stored, along with a username, password and optional email address for logging into the app’s database. Unless you input an email address, you won’t be able to recover the key in case you forget it.

    The GUI is based on a full-screen window split into several panes for viewing documents, properties, and files, as well as for conducting search operations.

    It is possible to create new folders and fill them with various filers, preview image within the mainframe, as well as perform keyword searches with advanced filters, such as file types, file content, and names.

    The software utility lets you copy, delete and refresh files, change their properties, import files or folders in bulk, reset user credentials, or switch to another UI language.

    Doxplore can also be asked to send emails after configuring SMTP settings and creating the sender’s identity. Email searches can be performed as well, and you can customize a wide range of filters, such as date range, sender, subject, email content, country, and status.

    No error dialogs were shown in our tests, and the software application did not hang or crash. Its impact on computer performance is minimal, thanks to the fact that it needs a low amount of CPU and m

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    emory to function normally.

    Although Doxplore Classic does not bring any outstanding features to the table, it offers a quick and intuitive solution to file management and search operations.