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By Liveresolve Technologies

PCGUARD360 is a specially designed tool which incorporates the best tools and utilities required to repair and optimize your computer.1: REGISTRY CLEANER AND OPTIMIZER

PCGUARD360 has a robust registry cleaning mechanism, it can fix, optimize and defrag the registry, in other words it is a full fledged registry repair tool.


PCGUARD360 offers an useful function where you can see the programs consuming the computer on startup and hampering the speed and performance of your computer, with just few click you can turn off the programs that you don’t want to bother your computing experience.


PCGUARD360 offers an uninstaller function where you can see the programs currently installed and eating up space on the hard drives, hampering the speed and performance of your computer. Its self explanatory features can help you easily remove those programs and other bogus software’s.


PCGUARD360 includes junk cleaning functions, it automatically keeps your computer junk free.


PCGUARD360 removes the privacy traces that your computer accumulates over time, these traces helps other websites and software’s to detect your location, search strings and a lot more about you and your computer. So its good to keep your computers Privacy issues nil

Integrating award winning antivirus engines from 360 Cloud Scan Engine, 360 QVMII AI Engine, QEX and Kunpeng to provide you with the ultimate in Virus detection and protection capabilities.PC Guard is a professional software protection and licensing system. Easily protect 32bit/64bit Windows and Microsoft .NET framework (.NET versions) applications from illegal distribution and reverse engineering.

PC Guard Software Protection System Publisher’s Description

PC Guard is a professional software protection and licensing system. Easily protect 32bit/64bit Windows and Microsoft .NET framework (.NET versions) applications from illegal distribution and reverse engineering.

PC Guard is available in 4 different versions:

32bit editions:

1. PC Guard for .NET (supports 32bit Windows applications and .NET x86/AnyCpu applications)

2. PC Guard for Win32 (supports 32bit Windows applications)

64bit editions:

1. PC Guard for .NET64 (supports 64bit Windows applications and .NET x64 64bit applications)

2. PC Guard for Win64 (supports 64bit Windows applications)

Secure: With 20 years of experience in the field of software protection, licensing and activation we are currently providing the most secure software copy protection and licensing solutions for your valuable software assets.

Compatible: All Windows 32bit and 64bit operating systems from Windows NT to Windows 8 are supported!

Reliable: Customers in more than 80 countries are using our highly awarded software copy protection and activation tools for their products.

Royaltyfree: Protect unlimited number of your application with no additional investments. No additional hardware (hardware keys, dongles etc.) is required for proper execution of protected programs. PC Guard is based only on complex software protection techniques and PC hardware details.

Hasslefree: PC Guard can by used by anyone, from absolute beginners to professional programmers. You can protect almost any kind of application without any additional programming and code editing. Whole process is extremely simple and effective! Mo

Features at glance:

– Advanced software copy protection.
– Simple and effective protection procedure.
– Application encryption.
– Evaluation (trial) version feature.
– Hardware locking.
– usb flash & usb drive locking.
– Secure distribution.
– Secure and simple license management.
– Advanced protection interface system.

Protecting your PC is a day-to-day essential, as it’s becoming ever more important to have complete protection in order to keep your computer running well.

360 Total Security is a complete tool made up of five different engines that make this antivirus program incomparable with the competition. Concretely, it includes the Qihoo cloud tools, Qihoo system repair, and the QVM-II AI engine as well as Bitdefender and Avira.

Combining these five elements gives you 360 Total Security, the ultimate weapon for you to avoid malware infection to any part of your system.

It also comes with a memory booster that gets rid of any junk files taking up space on your computer and making it run slower.

Despite coming with so many blocks and protection levels, the tool is not hard to use as it comes with a simple and easy-to-understand interface.

Again, in spite of coming with five engines, it’s still lightweight and takes up hardly any space on your PC, although its scan is rather slower than others because of the simultaneous malware scanning process.Looking for a way to Download Guard 360 Degree: Family Locator & GPS Tracker for Windows 10/8/7 PC? You are in the correct place then. Keep reading this article to get to know how you can Download and Install one of the best Lifestyle App Guard 360 Degree: Family Locator & GPS Tracker for PC.

Most of the apps available on Google play store or iOS Appstore are made exclusively for mobile platforms. But do you know you can still use any of your favorite Android or iOS apps on your laptop even if the official version for PC platform not available? Yes, they do exits a few simple tricks you can use to install Android apps on Windows machine and use them as you use on Android smartphones.

Here in this article, we will list down different ways to Download Guard 360 Degree: Family Locator & GPS Tracker on PC in a step by step guide. So before jumping into it, let’s see the technical specifications of Guard 360 Degree: Family Locator & GPS Tracker.360 Total Security offers you complete protection against viruses and other new types of threats. When you shopping online, downloading files, browsing webpage, 360 Total Security protect you from cybercrime at any moment. Furthermore, you can perform a one-click cleanup feature to keep your PC in optimal condition. Download 360 Total Security Offline Installer Setup!


  • The free antivirus software was chosen by more than 540 million people.
  • One-click to get more space, speed, and security.
  • Easy-to-use User Interface for everyone.
  • Real-time Protection stops viruses and malware even before they reach your PC.


Detecting threats on a system may be difficult for the average computer user, and manually removing all traces of threats even more so. Detect and remove Potentially Unwanted Programs and other threats for FREE with SpyHunter. SpyHunter offers powerful, free anti-malware protection.

If you develop software applications and you want ot be paid for your work, you can use PC Guard to make sure your application’s aren’t used for free. It provides you with everything you need to protect your applications and create a demo for them. The numerous tools it places at your disposal enable you to set up various kinds of protection measures.

Installing PC Guard is a straightforward procedure. You don’t have to make any advanced configurations and it will only take a few seconds to complete the process. The software doesn’t require any special tools or services, so you can start using it right away.

PC Guard places a vast range of options at your disposal, which are neatly categorized in four sections on the user interface. The core settings can be made in the first section, where you can target the executable you wish to protect and decide what kind of limitations to impose. For example, you can restrict your demo to a certain number of executions, to a certain amount of days or set it to expire on a given date. Furthermore, you can set up a password and generate serial numbers.

The software supports several protection methods. You can opt for a remote, network, plain or USB protection methods in the “Methods” section of the interface. These methods will make your demo run and behave differently in certain situations. For example, the USB method is a good option if you want your application to run on any computer, but only when a USB drive with a serial number is plugged in. It is also possible to lock your applications to a specific system if you want to.

PC Guard has many useful features to offer, for fine tuning the way your demo works. It lets you compile lists of messages and descriptions, in different languages, enable demo warnings, set up a MID code requirement for activation and much more.

Regardless of how you want your application demo to work, there are no limits to what you can do with PC Guard.

PC Guard places a broad range of useful options at your disposal. It lets you choose between several protection methods. You can set up all sorts of demo limitations, generate serial keys and more.

There are no obvious design flaws or functionality gaps to address.

How to Register Software With a Registration Code?

-Double-click the desktop shortcut to launch the .exe file.
-Enter your name and the .exe Registration Code precisely as they appear on your registration acknowledgement email when the registration reminder window appears.
-Press Register. Enter all additional details exactly as they are listed on your registration confirmation email, including your .exe serial number.

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