• PADASEYIN is a reliable application designed for educational purposes, that enables you to calculate regressions, correlations and perform data analysis. You may also calculate trigonometry formulas, logarithms and other mathematical algorithms in order to determine input values.

    The software is capable of calculating several modes of simple regressions, as well as determine statistical data, with the help of multiple regression algorithms. Additionally, the software offers several model tests, for consistency, correlations, confidence intervals, coefficient sensitivity or range forecasts for variables.

    The regression formula also enables you to predict the evolution of the dependent variable, in relation with the independent one, using the values you entered in the data table. Moreover, you can enter the values for the two variables in order to determine the end result.

    The non-linear regression can be calculated in different modes, namely power fit, exponential fit, logarithm, geometric, hyperbolic, logistic or Hoerl fit, using different formulas for better precision. Each formula is derived from the basic regression algorithm and it uses the two variables in order to determine the dependency coefficient between them.

    In the graph plotting tab, you can view the regression slope and certain X values that can portray the relation between the two values. The curve modifies, depending on the type of non-linear regression formula you selected.

    In the Tests tab, you can insert hypothesis and calculate the probable outcome, using several types of formulas. For instance, in the model test, the hypothesis zero describes a problem of dependency between the two variables and the explanation can be obtained with the help of the ANOVA algorithms.

    The software can also calculate correlations, confidence and prediction intervals for the specified independent variable, using several defined parameters.

    PADASEYIN is a comprehensive learning tool, that enables you to calculate simple or advanced formulas and determine the dependency coefficient between two specified variables. The software offers regression algorithms and several derived formulas that enable you to estimate the relation between the variables as well as predict their evolution.