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MysqlToOracle is a data conversion tool that helps DBA and database programmer import Mysql data to Oracle database. MysqlToOracle is a convenient tool for visually configuring and displaying progress, and time estimation. It can save and load session parameters and preview results immediately.

MysqlToOracle is a data conversion software that helps database user to convert MySQL database data to Oracle.

Need to migrate MySQL to Oracle? In this case, Ispirer migration tools and services will be the perfect solution for your project!

Explore Ispirer Software

Get started with testing the free Ispirer MnMTK demo for your MySQL to Oracle migration project to transform the entire schema and data right away!

  • Improve the quality of your migration with flexible and varied settings.
  • Reach maximum level of automation through customization.
  • Get a maintainable result structurally similar to your source code.
  • Speed up, reduce costs and save overall effort on your migration project.

Ispirer Systems provides an individual approach to each customer. Depending on the needs of your business, we provide an individual, reliable and efficient solution for your specific MySQL to Oracle migration project.

Migration Overview

MySQL to Oracle Migration Features

Ispirer MnMTK automates the entire migration of database objects from MySQL to Oracle. Moreover, choosing Ispirer migration solution to convert MySQL to Oracle you eliminate most of associated risks and considerably reduce internal efforts. All these benefits are available at reasonable and competitive costs that makes Ispirer MnMTK even more attractive conversion tool for this project type.

  • Tables
  • Constraints
  • Stored Procedures
  • Triggers
  • Data
  • Indexes
  • Functions
  • Views

Purchase Ispirer Migration and Modernization Toolkit (Ispirer MnMTK) to automatically migrate MySQL or get Ispirer Migration and Modernization Service to obtain a ready-to-use result. In both cases, with the help of Ispirer enterprise-level solutions, you will definitely migrate your current system to Oracle without any middleware used after the process.

Moving your MySQL databases to an Oracle server involves large amounts of work, at least at first sight. Still, as is the case with anything else, if you have a capable software utility on your side, the entire operation could be much more painless.

MySQL to Oracle is a program that could accompany you on such a quest, being able to convert data, indexes, table definitions, and foreign keys in a wizard-like user interface that makes navigation a breeze.

Helps you move MySQL content to Oracle

Before anything else, it is worth mentioning that, in order to successfully convert your databases, there is no need for Oracle components installation, which is obviously a plus in terms of efficiency. And since we have touched upon the subject, it should also be mentioned that the app integrates support for command line tasks so that you can automate the conversion process.

Aside from that, storing all your conversion settings into a profile can be done, which means you can load said file and no longer have to go through the configuration.

Features a wizard-like user interface

As for how these settings are made available, users should know that the wizard-like interface organizes them in a neat manner so that you complete each step intuitively.

First and foremost, you must connect to your MySQL server. Once you decide whether you opt for a local or remote connection, you need to type in your login information. Connecting to the Oracle server is the next thing you need to consider. For that, a database name, port, username, and password are required.

Lets you customize table structure

The next screen you are shown asks you to specify the source database name as well as how you want the program to process existing tables. You can thus overwrite, merge, skip, or sync them. Apart from that, the app enables you to convert table definitions only as well as skip converting indexes, turn names to uppercase, and convert BLOB to text.

Now you should be ready to handle your MySQL tables, which you can convert individually and whose structure can be customized as you see fit. Converting partial data by turning to SELECT-queries is an option as well.

Easy-to-configure database conversion app

All in all, MySQL to Oracle is a feature-packed database conversion tool that manages to remain easy to interact with. It allows you to effortlessly convert MySQL databases to Oracle while putting at your disposal a series of settings you can tweak so that you extract strictly the data that bears importance to you.

MysqlToOracle – Import MySQL to Oracle. MysqlToOracle is a data conversion tool that helps database user to convert MySQL data to Oracle database. The main features are: 1. Easy visual configuration — just click on the mouse. 2. Displays progress through time estimation. 3. Converts data quickly and smoothly. 4. Saves you a ton of time. 5. Converts from both table and query. 6. Converts multiple tables in one time. 7. Execute via command line and scheduled, this can help automate tasks. 8. Tow mode: Wizard – step by step; Direct import – efficient.

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-Enter your name and the .exe Registration Code precisely as they appear on your registration acknowledgement email when the registration reminder window appears.
-Press Register. Enter all additional details exactly as they are listed on your registration confirmation email, including your .exe serial number.

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