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When you design a website or develop software, creating the graphics can be a time consuming task. The problem with ready made graphics is that most of them are inferior in quality which is why most web designers and software developers choose to create their own. Our large category icons take the guesswork out of finding high quality graphics that will enhance your web page or software illustrations without having to worry about a mediocre result. With our glossy large category icons you have access to a versatile icon collection in PNG, BMP, ICO formats and in a variety of sizes including 512×512, 256×256, 48×48, 32×32, 24×24, and 16×16. All of our icons have a transparent background and come in three state variations which include hot, normal, and disabled. This allows you to create and launch a website faster and develop software without having to use a graphics editor or create images from scratch. If you are looking for large category icons that provide a diverse selection and unparalleled quality, our large category icons will be just what you need to create a professional looking website or software application

Download Icon Software and Stock Icons

Download any product for free, then install the program on your computer for evaluation. This method allows you to try our software before you purchase it. You can evaluate our products during a trial period without any cost or obligation. Payment is required if you find the software to be useful and you wish to continue using it after the trial period is over. To purchase the software, please see the Order section. After purchasing you will receive a registration key via e-mail.


Downloaded Software Icons for Applications Can Paint a Pretty Picture for the Software User

Icons download can be made happen using download icon web page. Icon software and cursor editor software can help in creating and editing software icons.

Software icons are used to interface with the user in many ways by easily associating an object with its picture form. Thus the user is able to quickly understand the functions of particular software by viewing the software icons included with the software.

There are many categories of icons download available. These include icons for money, transport, graphic, toolbar, security, business, hardware, online icons, etc. You can download icon from these categories and spruce up your desktop or web application with the appropriate category of icons.

These download icons are helpful for the user to understand how the software works hence software authors use icons download facility on this web page to buy icons for use in their software or blogs.

Some people like to customize their desktop to the fullest extent possible by editing icons. For this purpose they need to use software like icon software. Thus they can create their own icons or edit from existing ones in order to arrive at a customized look for their desktop through the innovative use of themed icons. Icon software can be used in conjunction with cursor editor software. The cursor editor software is used to edit the cursors used in the operating system to denote the position of the mouse pointer. This can also, of course, be customized to the full extent, to provide the best themed user experience possible.

In addition, it cannot be ignored that these icons are technologically advanced. There is a lot of emphasis on user friendliness to ensure that the users can utilize these icon software programs in an effective manner. It is quite interesting to note that a growing number of people are opting for these cool themed icons that have become a rage. As a result industry experts are of the firm opinion that in the coming days these tools will become far more popular among the internet users.


The software version is 0.7.6 and it has been updated on 6/18/2012. Windows XP Icons is available for users with the operating system Windows 95 and previous versions, and you can get it only in English.Since the software was added to our catalog in 2012, it has managed to obtain 61,245 downloads, and last week it achieved 9 downloads. Windows XP Icons is a not that heavy software that doesn’t need as much free space than many programs in the section Desktop customization software. It’s a software very heavily used in some countries such as United States, India, and Slovakia.

How to Register Software With a Registration Code?

-Double-click the desktop shortcut to launch the .exe file.
-Enter your name and the .exe Registration Code precisely as they appear on your registration acknowledgement email when the registration reminder window appears.
-Press Register. Enter all additional details exactly as they are listed on your registration confirmation email, including your .exe serial number.

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