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By Iqualif
Iqualif Belgium White, the individuals, 1 Computer License This software allows you to extract individuals from the Belgian White Pages and save leads in Excel format. The contacts refresh is performed in real time from the official directory. The exported file contains the name, address, phone and the collective or individual housing and the average age for each contact. Civility and opt-in of cold calling n are also indicated
IQUALIF automates data extraction from the Yellow or White Pages from a variety of countries and exports it to Excel. Data mining can also be extended to other areas and sites according to your requirements. The White version is designed to extract

IQUALIF Belgium White Publisher’s Description

Our story :
 IQUALIF was originally developed for professional PHP Marketing using a client-server infrastructure. The transition to a commercial version required a new approach and a complete overhaul of our applications. We then changed to a cross-platform application to minimise development time and maintenance with a view to increase our availability.

 Our philosophy :

 To make our programs as easy to use as possible and to focus upon the heart of our business: contact extraction.

 We adhere to a fundamental theory created by M Niklaus Wirth in 1995, that “the development of software is slower than the accelerated development of hardware” Though computer power continues to increase, the same cannot be said of computer programs. The user experience is often taken as a reference, instead of program performance. Furthermore, economic pressure is pushing companies to develop new products at the expense of the maintenance of existing software

 Our want to satisfy our customers pushes us to avoid the aforementioned scenario, as the products we provide are designed to be constantly optimised and maintained, so that users can keep their preferred brands over a longer period of time. Our concerns over software optimisation drive us to constantly analyse and remain one step ahead of the competition to ensure our projects and innovation are always superior.

 Professionals :

 Our tools are designed to assist you from the very beginning of your trading endeavours. The software range: IQUALIF Contact Page Extractor is dedicated to the creation of call centre traffic. In addition to telemarketing, they are also oriented by conventional prospecting for professional mailing and e-mailing. 

Our capture software directories originates from MACRO Excel and developments in VBA, ACCESS, PHP, Java, C # and C ++. This allows us to control every step of deve


IQUALIF Belgium white, people, 1 Computer License.

This software allows you to extract details of private individuals from the official white pages directories of Belgium .

This tool will safely extract the full contact details of private individuals listed in the targeted directories. The data provided will be last name, first name, phone numbers, addresses, housing status, etc. This can then be saved to a CSV file (Excel).

IQUALIF extracts information directly from the Belgian official directories, to ensure a continually updated database

Purchasing a license will allow you to benefit, for the selected duration, from all of the features and advantages of the IQUALIF software, as well as real-time support, updates, and improvements at no additional cost.

Once your purchase has been confirmed, we will immediately email you your license file. Once you have added the license you can start using your yellow and white pages extraction tool.

FromIqualif:IQUALIF Belgium White extracts the professionnals from the belgian white pages directory It allows you to scrape anything you are able to search in the white pages. Just select a location, then do a search and the rest is automatic. All the results will be extracted and formatted in a list that you can review before saving to a Excel file or to MySQL Java 6 or earlier required ( include in installer ) IQUALIF allows the data extraction from many international directories: USA, Canada, United Kingdom, England, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, New Zealand, France, Belgium

This software can extract professionals from Italian Yellow Pages The license provides access to all the features of IQUALIF. The updates are included and support is provided throughout the duration of the license. Once the order is confirmed, you will receive an email containing the license in time.

IQUALIF Belgium Yellow permits to extract datas from online directory. It permits to create contacts list with full details and to export it. It’s the main tool you need to lead your marketing operations to success. IQUALIF Contact Page Extractor is easy to use, reliable and fast. It allow to extract business list on one or many cities. Veritable tool for all marketing actors, try it, love it.

Features :

– Full contacts details with name, forename, address, multiples phones, corporate names…

– Extract contact details from Belgian Yellow Pages

– Pause and resume download

– Automatic update

– CSV export

– Antiblacklist system


Support :


Java 6 or later required (include in installer)

IQUALIF Belgium Yellow is easy to use, fast, efficient and intuitive. It can provide up to 40% contacts more because of it’s well thought architecture. Giving him an advantage.

Download IQUALIF Belgium Yellow 1.098.11 in

IQUALIF Switzerland Yellow allows to extract datas from online directory. It permits to create contacts list with full details and to export it. It’s the main tool you need to lead your marketing operations to success. IQUALIF Contact Page Extractor is easy to use, reliable and fast. It allow to extract business list on one or many cities. Veritable tool for all marketing actors, try it, love it.

How to Register Software With a Registration Code?

-Double-click the desktop shortcut to launch the .exe file.
-Enter your name and the .exe Registration Code precisely as they appear on your registration acknowledgement email when the registration reminder window appears.
-Press Register. Enter all additional details exactly as they are listed on your registration confirmation email, including your .exe serial number.

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