• InstrumentLab .NET is a collection of visual instruments and controls that were developed based on GDI+ that can help users create various kinds of applications, including data visualization, digital signal analysis, process control, real-time monitoring, video analysis or visual instrumentation.

    The components are integrated via MMX-optimized libraries so that they can be used to perform plotting calculations. This makes them suitable for developing data-plotting programs, multimedia (video, image or audio) processing and DSP (digital signal processing). It supports Microsoft .NET languages such as C++/CLI, C#, Visual Basic and J#.

    Among the instruments that are bundled in this set and can be included in the applications, users can find LED controls, progress bar controls, angular gauge controls, analog clock controls, linear gauge controls, thermometer gauge controls, segment indicator controls, segment gauge controls, segment text controls, spectrum controls, matrix controls and glass panels. The glass panel component can be on top of any other component, thus creating a glass cover style.

    The components include converters, custom filters, generic filters, generic generators, signal filters, rotatable labels, GDI+ images, signal generators, timing components (such as stopwatches, frequency meters or counters), average value calculators, visualisations, video layers, matrix layers and control elements.