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Illinois Auto Bill of Sale

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By Bill of Sale

Create a customized Illinois auto bill of sale within 5 minutes. The Illinois auto bill of sale form includes the ‘Odometer Disclosure Statement’ which is mandated by State and Federal Law. The Illinois auto bill of sale form is printableAn Illinois motor vehicle bill of sale is utilized to establish the purchase and sale of a motor vehicle between a private seller and buyer in the State of Illinois. A bill of sale serves as proof of a legal change of ownership, and it highlights any particular sale details as well as the vehicle’s condition at the time of purchase. This document will often be required upon the new buyer’s attempt to transfer the title and register the vehicle with the Secretary of State’s Vehicle Services Division.

Odometer Disclosure Statement for Title Transfers (VSD 333.4) – Required upon transferring the title of a motor vehicle to verify the odometer mileage has not been altered.

Seller’s Report of Sale (VSD-703) – The seller must submit this form to the Secretary of State’s Vehicle Services Divison immediately after selling the vehicle.

Registering a Vehicle

Whether acquiring a vehicle through purchase, gift, or inheritance, it must be registered with the state within twenty (20) days of the transaction. All individuals purchasing a vehicle privately– that is, not through a dealership– are responsible for completing all paperwork toward registering the vehicle under the new owner. Once registered, plates must be renewed annually; renewing a registration can be done online via the Vehicle Services page.

Illinois bill of sale forms are documents that provide information about the sale, purchase, or trade of property, ranging from vehicles and boats to personal items. In addition to proving a transfer of ownership, bill of sale documents can protect both the seller and buyer from liability.

What Is an Illinois Vehicle Bill of Sale?

An Illinois Vehicle Bill of Sale is a document used during the sale of a vehicle in order to record the details of the transaction. It is legal proof that substantiates the fact of the sale and protects the legal interests of both, the seller and the buyer. The document may be required by the Illinois Department of Revenue in order to prove the purchase price.

What Is an Illinois Bill of Sale?

An Illinois bill of sale is a written record that documents the change in legal ownership of an item from one owner to a new owner. In addition to being required to transfer legal ownership through a state agency, an Illinois bill of sale is important for personal record keeping. It can be particularly helpful if a legal dispute arises over the item.


Illinois bills of sale are forms used to legally document the sale of personal property in the state of Illinois. When selling a vehicle, boat, or firearm you should use a bill of sale specifically for that purpose. An Illinois bill of sale will protect both the buyer and seller in the event of a legal dispute, so both parties should keep a copy of the document for their records.

1. Illinois Vehicle Bill of Sale

Illinois law does not require a vehicle bill of sale, which is a legal document that acts as a receipt and shows when ownership of a car switched hands, when it is purchased from an in-state dealer or individual. However, new Illinois residents who lease vehicles must submit out-of-state titles or other proof of ownership, such as a bill of sale, when they apply for a title and registration.

Benefits of Creating This Document

Though Illinois does not require a bill of sale, there are benefits to creating and keeping one for your records. Namely, it includes important information, such as the buyer’s and seller’s contact information, the date and location of the purchase, and the sale price. Maintaining a record with this information protects the seller if the buyer abandons the vehicle or fails to register and title it.

Additionally, this document serves as a receipt for the buyer, as well as a helpful document that they can refer to when they are completing their taxes. In Illinois, taxes must be paid on all vehicle sales. Taxes are based on the model year of the vehicle if the selling price is less than $15,000 or on the selling price if it is more than $15,000.

The Illinois bill of sale forms are use to change the ownership of a vehicle or vessel in Illinois. Both buyer and seller must authorize and the new owner must register and document the sale with the local Secretary of State’s office. Registration must be completed within twenty (20) days.An Illinois bill of sale form is used to record the details of a private sale between a buyer and a seller, including the transaction date, purchase price, and a description of the item. Certain transactions necessitate a bill of sale. For instance, the buyer will be required to present a signed bill of sale when applying for titling and registration in their name after purchasing a used motor vehicle. Furthermore, a bill of sale can be used to prove the purchase price when paying sales tax on used motor vehicles and boats. Firearms require a special bill of sale which the seller must keep in their records for a minimum of ten (10) years following the sale. The general bill of sale should be used for the sale of any personal property that doesn’t require registration.

An Illinois Bill of Sale is a document needed for evidencing conveyance of ownership from the original or prior owner who is the seller, to the new owner, also known as the buyer. This kind of document can be helpful for properly transferring ownership from one owner to another in such cases where it is required for legal purposes or for any matter that requires proof of ownership over a property involved.

This Illinois Bill of Sale PDF Template is a simple, but an effective document that can be used by anyone who intends to sell a personal property such as a TV, furniture, or a motor vehicle, with the legal proof for conveyance or transfer of ownership to the buyer. Although this document may not be required for registering a vehicle, this is a helpful document for tax purposes or simply for providing proof that the ownership has been transferred properly and any information related to the declarations of the seller to the buyer.


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