• HCHex is a small tool designed to help you make all necessary calculations for demonstrating the thermal calculations for the helical coil exchanger design. To put it simply, the program can do all the sizing and thermal calculations in the design automatically and generate the summary with all the results at the same time.

    The application can calculate unknown hot and cold side temperatures as well as the exit temperatures on both sides. In addition, the app can calculate the pressure drops for shell and tube sides, including the frictional, outlet, inlet and total drops. Other noteworthy calculations you can perform using this utility include unknown flow rate on either cold or hot side, vessel dimension and length, number of spiral turns for the helical tube as well as its length, area and heat load and the Nusselt number estimation.

    The app allows you to add your own Nusselt correlation in three formats and lets you add your own number or a heat transfer coefficient if needed. The program comes with several databases, including one that can estimate the Physical properties of pure components for almost 1,500 fluids. The unit converter embedded can do 23 measurements units with 200 unit-conversion, whereas the results can be displayed in the charts.