Gihosoft RePicvid

Gihosoft RePicvid


RePicvid Free Photo Recovery software from Gihosoft was released in Sep. 2016 after several moths of development and test. It is now renamed RePicvid in 2017. It is 100% free yet professional to recover deleted or lost photos based on Windows or Mac computer.It often happens that people accidentally delete their precious pictures in daily life. What’s worse, the Recycle Bin on computer has been emptied by mistake. In this case, something must be done to save the deleted files from computer before they are overwritten. Luckily, there are lots of photo recovery tools online. However, most of them are paid recovery software, which are usually costly. Now, RePicvid Free Photo Recovery has been released to break the market. No payment, no risk, and no harm. RePicvid Free Photo Recovery, a powerful freeware, supports all storage medias such as computer, laptop, digital camera, camcorder, USB drive, SD card, etc. With its advanced functions, users can easily recover deleted photos in all kinds of data loss scenarios, like accidentally deletion, formatting, virus infection.

Key Features:

  • Works on accidental deletion, formatting, virus infection and many other scenarios.
  • A full range of media support, such as computer, USB drive, digital camera, SD card.
  • Comprehensive recovery for photos(free), videos, audio files and other documents.
  • Supports various file types, such as JPG, PNG, GIF, MP4, MP3, WMA.
  • Equipped with “Advanced Settings” and “Super Toolkit” for faster and better recovery.
  • Risk free. The whole recovery process is read-only and does no harm to data.
  • User-friendly. It is as easy as A-B-C to recover photos. No technical knowledge is required.


Note: Please choose the Photo/Graphic module (image recovery) if you ONLY recover photos and want it for free.


Add “Video/DV”, “Auido/Music”, and “All File Type” recovery modules

How to Register Software With a Registration Code?

-Double-click the desktop shortcut to launch the .exe file.
-Enter your name and the .exe Registration Code precisely as they appear on your registration acknowledgement email when the registration reminder window appears.
-Press Register. Enter all additional details exactly as they are listed on your registration confirmation email, including your .exe serial number.

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