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Key Details of Farm Matters

  • Keep records for cattle, sheep, medicines, and fields
  • Last updated on 04/30/13
  • There have been 0 updates within the past 6 months

Developer’s Description

By Paul Holliday Software
Farm Matters Is it easy to use? We have years of experience working alongside farmers in order to produce a farm software package which is easy to use while also being comprehensive. You can use as little or as much of the functionality the software offers depending on your management practices. Farm Matters will check the data you input and alert you to mistakes you may have made. Can it send my passport and movements applications to CTS? Yes! After entering a birth, movement or death in Farm Matters a CTS application is created automatically. When you are ready to send the applications simply click the send button and CTS will be notified. The software can also produce a handy receipt for your peace of mind. What is a CTS Cross Check? CTS Cross Check is a feature of the farm software which compares your on farm records with those held by CTS. The software will highlight any differences in the list of animals currently recorded on farm and any differences between recorded breeds, gender and date of birth. Click here to see the cross check in action. Will it make inspections easier? Farm Matters is designed to keep you compliant with the ever increasing burden of legislation. The software checks your data entry to avoid mistakes which could be costly come an inspection and is capable of printing the records needed for RPA, Trading Standards and Assurance Schemes inspections. Is Farm Matters compatible with EID equipment? Currently the software is compatible with a range of EID equipment including Agrident AWR200, SysScan LiveTrack Wand, Tag-ie, Shearwell SDL400 and RealTrace RT100. We are always working towards increasing the range of compatible readers based on our customer feedback. Click here for more details about compatible EID readers What level of support do you offer? We offer support over the telephone, via email and through remote connection direct to your computer. You have access to the staff who developed the software during normal working hours and we aim to respond to emails as quickly as we can.

Cattle Record Keeping – Farm Matters allows farmers to record a wealth of legislative and management information in an intuitive and straight forward way. Entering cattle information is done using wizards that guide you through the process ensuring you enter the required mandatory details and highlighting where there are any problems with colour and explanations. After following the step by step wizard a summary is displayed to check you’ve not made any mistakes and options made available to print any helpful reports such as cattle transport or auction certificates. All cattle information entered can be easily edited or deleted.

Cattle Performance Management – Keeping the required cattle records is important but Farm Matters does so much more. Financial, weight, conditioning scores and feed are some of the cattle performance data you can enter into Farm Matters. This data is used by the software to produce reports, charts, statistics and highlight what is happening to your cattle. The cattle grid can highlight when a cow is due to calf, hasn’t calved recently, which cattle are under medicine withdrawal and more. The home screen include many tiles giving a summary of your cattle including alerts for things including those eligible for assurance. Reports and charts clearly show daily live weight gain, calving intervals, profitability, calf mortality rate and more.

Cattle Tracing Service – Connectivity to the British Cattle Movement Service’s (BCMS) Cattle Tracing System (CTS) Farm Matters makes applying for passports and notifying movements as easy as a single click. Simply enter your cattle birth/movement records into the software using the easy step-by-step wizards and the application will automatically be added to the list of pending submissions. When you are ready a single click is all that is needed to notify CTS. Farm Matters clearly displays what is happening and allows you to print a comprehensive receipt. In addition to notifying CTS of your cattle births/movements Farm Matters includes a ‘Cross Check’ feature. The Cross Check feature compares the details of the animals on your farm against the records held on CTS. An simple colour coded summary displays any dependencies between the records. This can be a real lifesaver before an inspection. For more details about how Farm Matters communicates with CTS click here…

Cattle Reports – Ranging from reports for cattle inspections such as the movement book to detailed weight analysis reports Farm Matters can produce a wealth of reports. In addition you can create your own reports by customising and printing the cattle grids. A print preview is shown before any cattle report is printed with options to export the report to PDF, Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel formats. Some of the many reports Farm Matters can produce include:

Manage farm transactions with this tool.

Farm Matters is a useful application for the farm owners who need to keep track of multiple animals, fields and other details. It can handle multiple farm matters and allows you to store all the information in a secure database.

You can use this tool for registering data about purchases, sales, movements, treatments, fertilizers and other farm related operations.

Note: It is recommended to update the application from the Home tab before creating your database.

System requirements


Limitations in the unregistered version

  • Limited to 20 uses

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Farm Software Specialists. We produce legislative and management software for cattle, sheep, crops, medicines and NVZ. Free trial at

Farm Matters Software is the easy, efficient and
cost-effective way to maintain your farm records
Cattle, Sheep, Crops, NVZ & Medicines

“Farm Matters is an excellent one stop shop
package. Accurate record management,
cross compliance as well as sending off your
registrations seamlessly to your Breed
Society* and BCMS … It really couldn’t be
easier. Download your free trial and speak to
Neil at Farm Matters…tell him Andy sent you!
He will be delighted to help!”
Farming Software Specialists
Download your free trial from
Or for more information please call
0191 3000 189
Mr. Andy Ryder
(Society Company Secretary)
* Works with various societies, please contact us for details on whether we work with your society
All details accurate as of 5th March 2020
Farm Matters works with
BCMS for Cattle Passport, Movements & Deaths Notifications
ScotMoves for Business Cattle Movements
Scottish Beef Efficiency Scheme (BES)
Various Cattle Breed Societies for Registrations & Notifications*
ARAMS for Sheep Movements

Farm Matters Ltd

Farm Matters – cattle, sheep, medicine and crop records all in one easy to use farm software package.

Our Farm Matters software offers easy legislative and management for cattle, sheep, medicines and crops. Use our software to submit passport applications and movements notifications to BCMS, report sheep movements to ARAMS, claim Scottish Suckler Beef Support Scheme and Beef Efficiency Scheme in Scotland and submit registrations direct to the Aberdeen Angus, Beef Shorthorn and Highland cattle societies. Try Farm Matters free for a month with any obligation, simply download the software from our website.

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How to Register Software With a Registration Code?

-Double-click the desktop shortcut to launch the .exe file.
-Enter your name and the .exe Registration Code precisely as they appear on your registration acknowledgement email when the registration reminder window appears.
-Press Register. Enter all additional details exactly as they are listed on your registration confirmation email, including your .exe serial number.

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