• We all enjoy watching YouTube videos, but it is often necessary to save these clips locally, either to ensure you have a backup if they are deleted or simply to watch them offline.

    DigiSoft YouTube Downloader is a useful application that provides you with a solution, as it is capable of grabbing videos from the popular hosting website. It supports batch processing, offers a handy search function and even allows you to preview clips as they are downloaded.

    When you wish to download a YouTube clip, you can either copy its URL from your browser or take advantage of the built-in search tool.

    You can specify whether the high or low-quality versions of the videos should be saved, but the maximum supported resolution is 720p.

    Once all your videos have been added to the download queue, you can launch the operation at any time to have the program save them all in one go.

    DigiSoft YouTube Downloader includes a useful search function, and you can also apply a series of filters to exclude certain items.

    However, the search results are cleared whenever you add a new clip by pasting its URL, which means that you cannot browse the list and find videos in your browser at the same time.

    When it comes to looks, DigiSoft YouTube Downloader is not exactly eye-catching, as the UI is rather out-of-date.

    Additionally, you cannot change the application window’s dimensions, as you can only choose between the three available size presets. Also, the program cannot be minimized.

    Overall, DigiSoft YouTube Downloader is a powerful utility that can help you grab all your favorite YouTube videos in no time at all. It offers a useful search function and supports batch processing, but it features an outdated UI and can only download videos up to 720p in resolution.