• However, if that said computer of yours is connected to the Internet, the chances of becoming infected double or triple. Although this prospect is scary, you can turn to specialized software solutions, such as CyberByte Antivirus, to help you minimize the damage or prevent the deed from ever happening.

    Although some of the alternative antivirus software solutions on the market showcase bright, flashy interfaces with eye-catching animations, this program doesn’t, which greatly helps reduce the amount of resources it demands whenever you decide to fire it up.

    The main screen consists of a bunch of categories that can be easily accessed by simply clicking them. Also, its functions are intuitive enough to be used by virtually anyone can boot a PC unit, regardless of their skills or previous experience with similar software.

    It’s time to take a look under the hood: CyberByte Antivirus packs a total of four scanning types that can be easily initiated from the “Scan” menu. They are also briefly explained at the bottom part of the screen so that you don’t have to guess which one does what.

    You can choose between performing a full scan (which takes the longest), a quick scan (this one scans running processes and is used to locate crypto-miners, for instance), a single file scan (use it to scan newly-acquired files) and a custom one (for fast-scanning a particular folder on your PC).

    Among the additional features this application comes with, you can also find a firewall and a real-time scanning module, just in case you don’t want to risk forgetting to perform a scan every once in a while and also block suspicious connections.

    These modules can be enabled and disabled freely from the “Settings” section of the application. There you can also toggle USB device automatic scanning, the history of all previously detected items and a smart extension scanning mode.

    All in all, if you’re looking for an accessible antivirus software solution that comes with realtime scanning and has a built-in firewall, maybe CyberByte Antivirus is exactly what you need.

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