• Having to calculate the same thing over and over again with different values can get frustrating after a long enough period of time.

    CalcVendor enables you to automate the process, by creating a custom HTML calculator that calls a Javascript function to fetch the results. This function has to be written by you and it can be anything from a simple formula, to a complex conditional C-like statement tree.

    The function you want to use in your calculation must be written in a Javascript-like syntax, with “.value” modified by the much more easier to remember “#” symbol. That way, when you want to assign a value to a variable, it looks like this: “x# = y# + z#”.

    If you are familiar with HTML and Javascript, you can modify the actual .HTM file and further customize the function to include more advanced features, or change the graphic appearance of the calculator using basic CSS.

    Each calculator generated using CalcVendor is different, since you create your own functions to process values. The used variables are also original every time. Every operator is available for you to use, including “-”, “/” and “*”. They can be combined and used the same way you would on paper.

    The more experienced users can even make use of conditional statements inside their function, such as “if”, “switch” or “else”. Doing so requires some Javascript syntax knowledge, but it is not a prerequisite.

    CalcVendor can save you a lot of time, especially of you are working on a project that requires a lot of repetitive calculations. The downside is that, although you do not technically need to know HTML or Javascript, you still have to check the application manual before using it, because the user interface is a bit lackluster and not very intuitive. But, once you learn how to handle it, CalcVendor can be extremely helpful and customizable.