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Baker Inventory Software is an inventory system for small to mid size businesses to handle sales, Inventory Softwa, an inventory software system for Windows, manage invoices, inventory, customers and quickly create reports. Free trial download available.Create invoices in a snap. Inventory Software gives you quick access to your inventory and customer details. No more hunting around for client or stock details. Take a look at some of our features: Invoices: Creating invoices in baker Inventory Software is incredibly easy. Just click the New Invoice button on the toolbar and you’re away. You can easily search for existing customers or quickly enter new customer details. Stock levels are automatically updated as you add items to the invoice, allowing you to always know what is in stock. Our inventory software comes included with a number of pre-defined invoice templates that you can use. You can easily add your logo and contact details to get up and running straight away. For more control you can use MS Word to create your own custom designed invoice templates. Customer database: Keeping track of customer details is important. Not only does it allow you to build up a database for Marketing and Sales in the future but it also saves you the hassle of re-entering customer details for repeat visits. Inventory software helps you to do this by automatically saving customer details as you enter invoices. You can also import existing customer details from other systems and export out to other applications such as accounting or email systems. Perfect for E-Mail or Postal Marketing. Inventory Items: Track your inventory items with ease. baker software Inventory allows you to keep a list of all your inventory items and record details about them, including item codes, total stock, warehouse and bin locations, barcodes, category and sub-category, multiple pricing (such as retail, wholesale, specials) and many other options are available. Barcode Support
Motor maintenance professionals, service and repair
shops and manufacturers all need to assure their
customers that the motors they sell or put into service
will perform as expected. They require reliable motor
test and analysis equipment that can determine if a
motor was properly wound, or if any weaknesses in the
insulation exist that would lead to premature failure.
Motor tests performed on static (i.e. off line,
unpowered or out-of-service) motors often require the
use of portable static motor test equipment such as
the Baker DX Static Motor Analyzer. Users rely on the
analyzer’s large front-panel touch screen user interface
to view results, or they can print and export reports via
the unit’s USB connection to a compatible printer.
Surveyor DX software enables Baker DX operators
to use a personal computer to store more test data,
generate and view reports across the full spectrum of
Baker DX tests, and share and compare analysis with
other maintenance personnel using data from multiple
With Surveyor DX, maintenance professionals can
elevate quality assurance to new levels. The software
stores and displays all surge waveforms for a complete
armature, or for individual form-wound coils in an AC
motor, and provides comprehensive details that prove a
given motor was thoroughly tested. Surveyor DX makes
it very easy to analyze hundreds of coils or bar-to-bar
tests on a given armature, which instils confidence in
operators about the quality of motor rewind work.
Users can analyze trends to identify motors at risk of
From analyzer to desktop
Surveyor DX is a software application that provides
users the option to use a Microsoft Windows-based
desktop or laptop computer to easily generate, view,
print and archive Baker DX motor test results from an
office or with a laptop in the field.
Results include data analysis from the following types
of tests:
Q low-voltage RLC (resistance, inductance,
Q phase angle, impedance and D/Q
Q DC tests (meg-ohm, polarization index, dielectric
absorption, DC hipot and step voltage)
Q surge tests of motors, coils and armatures
How Surveyor DX works
Surveyor DX imports Baker DX test data saved on a USB
drive and stores it in a database. Data from multiple
Baker DX analyzers can be stored in the same database.
The data is accessible to multiple users to view, share,
organize and archive any specific set of test data,
results or analysis acquired from any Baker DX unit.
Quick view results
Surveyor DX provides representative views of printed
reports for selected results. For DC test and surge
graphs, the application includes a zoom feature and a
cursor with x,y readout (on DC graphs).
  • Comprehensive range of tests in one instrument
  • Configurable to meet needs and price point
  • 4 kV to 12 kV for wide spectrum of motors and coils
  • Compatible with the Baker PPX Power Packs for testing up to 40 kV
  • High and low voltage tests to characterize circuits and insulation
  • Coil mode for rapid testing and data storage

In an industrial setting, the consequential cost of failure or unplanned downtime of critical rotating machinery can be significant. The Baker DX series can apply a wide set of off-line electrical tests to assess the condition of motors and coils.

In a motor repair shop, or for new production motors, the Baker DX gives confidence that a motor is correctly wound and insulated, before it’s deployed in the field.

The standards-compliant surge test – a signature feature of Baker testers for decades – is the only test that can safely expose turn-to-turn insulation weaknesses. The Baker DX can find early indications of insulation weakness and faults in windings, between phases, coil-to-coil and in groundwall insulation. It can identify if contamination is impacting insulation strength. It can also detect problems with connections such as feed cable insulation weakness, motor imbalances, opens or high resistance.

The DX’s benefits can be extended to low-impedance coils, such as armatures, through the use of the Baker ZTX low impedance coil accessory. The ZTX, which includes the ATF5000 commutator probe accessory, allows the DX to apply surge tests to coils which require higher currents.

Baker Surveyor DX Software

Surveyor DX software enables Baker DX operators to use a personal computer to store more test data, generate and view reports across the full spectrum of  Baker DX tests, and share and compare analysis with other maintenance personnel using data from multiple analyzers. Learn more from the Baker Surveyor DX datasheet.

How to Register Software With a Registration Code?

-Double-click the desktop shortcut to launch the .exe file.
-Enter your name and the .exe Registration Code precisely as they appear on your registration acknowledgement email when the registration reminder window appears.
-Press Register. Enter all additional details exactly as they are listed on your registration confirmation email, including your .exe serial number.

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