• Databases contain vast amount of information spread over multiple tables, functions and objects, each holding their own fields and data.

    Prolonged use can render some of these objects useless, due to obsolete fields that are not used anymore, or missing dependencies.

    ApexSQL Clean is a useful software utility that comes in handy when you are confronting with cluttered tables and unwanted objects slowing your database down. It can detect and display every dependency, function and object currently available in your database, while also being able to analyze them in order to optimize the overall efficiency.

    Furthermore, the application can accurately recognize interdependencies between SQL objects, as well as their relationship with external databases, applications or scripts. Thanks to this, you can preview the effects of changing or deleting certain objects, which can cause unwanted repercussions outside the database itself.

    ApexSQL Clean enables you to create, view and export detailed reports regarding the selected objects and their relationships. These reports also display the number of internal references for each item, the name of all the linked dependencies and the object name. The data is arranged into tables for increased accessibility and you can export it as HTML or XML documents.

    Before you run the clean-up script, you can conduct a pre-impact analysis using the included analyzer, in order to determine and review the final outlook of your application and detect any functionality issues that might be caused by the deletion of certain objects. The entire script code is displayed and you can personally go through every line of it to get a better understanding of the underlying process.

    ApexSQL Clean is mainly aimed toward experienced users who have complete control over their database, since object deletion can have severe repercussions, especially if they are linked to outside applications.

    All in all, the application behaves as expected and it enables you to properly and efficiently clean your database without losing track of dependencies and external relationships, which spares you the trouble of having to manually check for possible issues.