• Each time you boot your computer you are welcomed by the desktop background picture. Seeing every single day the same wallpaper may get boring, so even if you can change the image anytime you want, it would be nice to have an application that could do that for you on a regular basis.

    1-abc.net Wallpaper Rotation helps you make a selection of all your favorite images stored on your computer, such as photographs taken on holiday trips, pictures with your family, friends or pets. All these images can be used as your desktop wallpaper and can be automatically changed by this little tool.

    Files and folders can be added to the list either from your local computer or network drives. Note that when you want to add a folder, the program selects each time a random picture, not all the images within the directory. Plus, you can view each picture within the list by double-clicking it or pressing the ‘Show picture’ button.

    Wallpapers can be changed at each Windows startup, once per week, everyday or after any number of days. Also, you can set the program to change the background images permanently after a given period entered in seconds. Besides selecting the frequency in which your wallpapers change, there is also an option that allows you to randomize the order in which your pictures are displayed. Therefore, you can let the application display the wallpapers according to their file list order or you can set it to shuffle that order.

    You can start or stop the wallpaper rotation with just one mouse click. When you use the option of permanently changing the desktop wallpapers, then you can find the program minimized to the Systray and you can maximize or close it from there.

    To sum up, 1-abc.net Wallpaper Rotation is a software solution that provides all users with the means to automatically change their wallpapers. When working with large picture lists, it would be useful if the main window could be re-sized or maximized.